Description: Cajetan was ordained priest in He left the papal court and dedicated himself entirely to the service of the Lord. With his own hands he cared . St. Cajetan of Thiene was an Italian priest in the s. He was a co- founder of Theatine religious order, and he did a lot to help reform the Church in his. By saying a novena you are putting yourself in a place where miracles happen and opening yourself to God's Grace by renewing your trust.

St.cajetan Novena Pdf

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St Cajetan's Corner: Novena to St Cajetan, Patron of Job Seekers Prayer For A Beautifully designed Digital Downloadable PDF Prayer for the Dead. Print it. St Cajetan's Corner: Novena to St Cajetan, Patron of Job Seekers. Prayers - The Apostles Creed (PDF) | FREE Ship $ Catholic Prayers DailyNight Prayer. Novena to St. Cajetan What is "oh St. Catajan pray for us" the daily prayer, in the pdf, was complete the character of Cajetan began to come.

Cajetan, hear our prayer. The fear of unemployment looms around my life and my soul.

Online text: “Novena for Work”, by Fr. Francisco Faus

The work that provides my livelihood and makes it possible for me to care for those I love is now absent. I worry that I won't be able to find another job. I worry that I won't be able to do what gives me meaning. I worry that with so many out of work, my search for a new position will be useless. Most of all, I worry that I will become hopeless in this world. Please let me trust in your endless and abundant provision.

Remind me that your caring eye is upon me and that heaven's hand and heart are open wide to my need. Fill me with the hope that alone will help me through this time of difficulty and lead me to new work that fills my heart with joy.

Loving Father, you who rejoices in both our work and our play, we come before you, unemployed, afraid, and shaken in my trust.

When we lose courage and hope while searching for work, be our rock of safety. When we find it hard to believe in my talents, revive in us an appreciation of the gifts you have given to each of us.

When we begin to doubt our worth, help us to remember that I do not need to earn your love. When our fears take hold and start to overwhelm us, let us find comfort in your care for us and for those we love.

Thank you for all those who continue to support and encourage us during this difficult time. May it somehow bring us closer to one another and to you.

Catholic Prayer: Novena to Saint Cajetan - Patron of the Unemployed

We pray for the courage to do your will while we seek employment. We ask that you keep us calm and patient so that we may know your will for each of us.

We pray for the strength to keep our motivations high during this journey.

We ask for the determination to keep moving forward to do my part of this search. We pray that we maintain a continued faith that God will move the mountains that might be in front of us. We pray for ceaseless hope as we interact with others in the world. We trust that God is with us during all my interactions with employment concerns.

Closing Prayer: You wanted all who are weary to come to You for support.

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Lord, I am worn out by my inability to find work. Guide my steps to a righteous path; give me the patience to find opportunities with a future.

Calm my worries and fears as my financial responsibilities mount. Within the next few days, both of them received job offers out of the blue! Of course, I was fascinated by this story so when I returned from Peru on Saturday after reading her email, I decided to try it as well.

After only reciting this novena for 2 days, I received a call today from a large government agency asking me to do a workshop for them in a couple of weeks! You tell me… For those skeptics out there, whatever it is you believe is true for you. But for you believers, here is the novena if you are interested: Glorious Saint Cajetan acclaimed by all people as father of providence because you provide miraculous aid to all who come to you in need, I stand here before you today, asking that you present to the Lord the requests that I confidently deposit in your hands.

Mention here the graces desired.

May these graces that I now request help me to always seek the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness, knowing that God — who dresses with beauty the flowers of the field and abundantly feeds the birds of the sky — will give me all other things. I would love to hear your comments on any amazing miracles that happen for you as a result of this prayer! Nothing happens that is not for the highest good…nothing. Everything in life has a purpose. Just because you are not aware of it does not mean it is not meaningful or present.

There are a number of stories of folks who have lost their jobs only to find amazing opportunities waiting for them on the other side of their misery. Do what you need to do to keep your center. Take a walk, talk to a friend, exercise, pet your cat, read a good book, take a nap, etc.

Let your internal environment dictate your mood, not your external environment.Cajetan, it pained you to see the Catholic Church divided into hostile groups. You lived very frugally because you wanted to teach the rich about the need to share.

My electricity was shut off and only by borrowing funds and begging did I get it turned back on.

You see the Church as the bride of Christ, the sacrament by which men and women can become holy. Now, if you will join me, is the time to pray to St.

Novena to St. Cajetan

Look with pity on our society where resources are wasted in downloading useless goods, while the poor and the needy among us have not received the basic necessities. You embarked to help them, not just by giving them bread but helping them gain their living by work.

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It is sacred space…treat it as such. We pray for ceaseless hope as we interact with others in the world.

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