Everybody wants to live the good life. Hip hop artist and author, Trip Lee, in this book titled after his acclaimed album "The Good Life," explores what the good life . The Good Life book. Read 49 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Nicer car, bigger house, whatever your heart desires. Everybody wants. To further elaborate on his ideas, on September 20, Lee wrote and released a book with the same.

Trip Lee The Good Life Book

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So will Trip Lee come back to music? Will he be back? I don't know. Indicators say no. But if The Good Life book is an indicator of what's ahead. Billboard chart-topping hip hop artist Trip Lee is gearing up for his debut book release, The Good Life (Moody Publishers). A continuation to his. In this book, titled after his acclaimed fourth album, The Good Life, Christian rap artist and author, Trip Lee, unveils what the world, the flesh and.

When they need some ideas about who to get for music sometimes they call me. After having Lecrae in for the conference last year and being unable to book Trip Lee last year, they asked me about potential artists for this year. This is how he gets eats!

Why would he turn down…oh well…moving on. In plain English, that means he retired.

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In the midst of what is probably his highest selling album, on the cusp of what is sure to be the highest grossing Christian hip-hop or rappers who are Christian or whatever we call it tour, basically in the prime of his career one of the highest selling and most popular artists in the scene retires. Cue the Barry Sanders references.

And for his debut book, its a pretty dope start. When I started reading the book I was concerned.

It seemed rushed and stated far too plainly what the reader was to expect. Stylistically, it excelled because of his use of storytelling and analogies. It was FAR less pure didactic preaching and it was more like Trip was sitting on the steps with you talking about a new way of life.

Why in the context of this album did you want to focus on this battle between life and death? If we look around the world, it may seem like sin, death, and Satan are winning the battle.

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But I wanted to remind the listeners that life wins and death loses. What inspired the song? Are there changes in your life that were inspired by the song or that the song inspired? I was inspired to write the song because I know how much my generation is ruled by our technology.

I sometimes find myself filling every extra moment of my day with random Twitter checks and Google searches.

This kind of attachment hinders my depth and my growth. It also hurts my ability to connect with other people. So I wanted to write a song that addressed the issue. But I wanted to write it in a way that communicated how deep our obsession is at times. How has that experience shaped you?

Trip Lee Reveals The Cover Of His Debut Book ‘The Good Life

Yeah last year I made a questionable career move and took five months off from music to do a five month pastoral internship at the church. It was a phenomenal experience. The Lord has given me a strong desire to help shepherd His people, and I understand part of my preparation is sitting under Godly men who are pastoring faithfully. It was definitely the most fruitful learning season of my life, as it was intensely academic 7, pages read and a paper due every day and extremely practical.

I praise God for that opportunity.

I think it was a huge step in my preparation for pastoral ministry, and me and my wife have flourished spiritually as members of the church. So much so that we stayed in DC after the internship ended.

How do you stay anchored in a local church in the midst of all the travel required in your vocation? How does your church remain part of your life as you travel?

It takes commitment and intentionality. Sometimes I have to cram all my relationships into 3 days of the week, and it gets old. But I know I need my church, and I have a responsibility to help build them up. I sit down with my pastor every couple months, and he helps me plan out my schedule.

Plus my church is really a praying church.

From the outside looking in, it seems that there is a growing population of guys like myself who are downloading and listening to these albums—guys that form a non-traditional audience for your music.

Is that a phenomenon you are noticing? If so, how you do interpret it? Well as a rapper, my aim as always been towards an urban audience, but I understand that hip hop affects more than just one demographic.What might life look like 5 or 10 years from now?

Sales[ edit ] The Good Life debuted at No.

The Good Life

The title is also the name of his new album according to info from the ticket site. Go out there and be all that you can be. Maybe the rich and famous aren't living The Good Life. Sometimes I have to cram all my relationships into 3 days of the week, and it gets old.

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