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The Clockwork Princess: Infernal Devices, Book 3 (Hörbuch-Download): site .de: zwischen site eBook und Audible-Hörbuch mit Whispersync for Voice. [PDF] Download Clockwork Princess Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at http:// Download Clockwork. Author: Cassandra Clare Pages: Publication Date Release Date ISBN: Product Group:Book Download.

If he really is Brother Zachariah, then Jem would've been long dead before that. So what? Oh and by the way, they said Brother Zachariah has a chiseled cheekbone. Didn't Will have a chiseled cheekbone?

Or was it Jem? If Jace had come from Cecily's line, then he wouldn't have the Herondale name. She's a woman, so he would assume the father's name. Otherwise it could be Will's. But if he was, then Will couldn't be Brother Zachariah. But maybe Will and Tessa ended up together, and had children because maybe Tessa was some kind of special warlock , and Jem became a Silent Brother? That's a possibility. Though there still is something unclear about it: Why do the Lightwoods have Will's features black hair blue eyes , and Jace does not?

I would say that maybe Cecily ends up with Gabriel or something. That way, hte Lightwoods would inherit her features, which are also Will's. But Jace? I don't know what to make of him. I really don't. Because he has the surname. But I don't know how. Will and Tessa are completely different from him: I still have to understand what the hell's that book doing in Valentine's apartment, but that'll come in time I guess.

What I'm mostly interested in is what Will wrote on it. Let's quickly review the story in the book: Lucy aka Tessa? Charles Darnay [aka Jem aka the boring one don't glare at me, Clary said that u. Lucy decides to marry Charles, while Syndey still loves her. In the end, Syndey decides to sacrifice his life to save Charles', and dies. Lucy and Charles live happily ever after. I would add "with a daughter", but that hardly seems fair since poor Tessa can't have children So yeah.

That is pretty much the story, ignoring all the "irrelevant" events, since we're only concentrating on the romance here. So here's the thing: Knowing Cassandra Clare, I would sadly opt for c or d. Especially reading that "the ruined gold of her wedding dress" line that has us all on the edge.

But wait, I wasn't finished, was I? I was still analyzing Will's words.

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So, "with hope at last. But that wouldn't seem right. Couldn't he just say it face-to-face instead of writing it in a book? It doesn't make sense. OR it could mean that he too dies, with hope at last that everything will be okay? That too seems too forced.

I can't see any other interpretations for that sentence, and I've been babbling for about half an hour, making this review so fucking long, and the book isn't even out yet.

So I' guess I'll stop. I still have to read the teasers for City of Heavenly Fire and the letter from Stephen to Jace, so maybe I'll have more to say after that.

You just wait.


So scratch my point "e". It's all useless now. In case you don't have a tumblr account, this is what Cassandra Clare just posted on her profile: Now, what. OR, as afore-mentioned in one of my theories, Jem will die and Tessa and Will will be forever separated because they won't have the guts to get together after that. But if it's Will.. It can't be Will. It can't. But what if it is?

Of course, thinking about it, it could be about anyone in the trilogy. I focused myself on Will and Jem solely because I love them too much to see either of them dying. Why do authors necessarily have to do this?

Posting such snippets and then leaving us wondering for another six months, I mean? That is really too cruel. I'm speechless. Once again Cassandra Clare has left me speechless. And this time I'm not sure in a good way. Are you for real, Cassandra? I don't even know how to rate it. Throughout the whole book I thought this was going to be perfect but then that epilogue fucking killed me. I just.. It's like I always saw the characters and the story under a certain light but with the events of the epilogue everything has changed.

How could you be with Jem after Will? That's what bothers me. Jem was kind, and he was a really good person but you just CAN'T. Tessa loved him as much as she loved Will. You just can't do that. I'm pretty sure if Jem had never made a move with Tessa, she would have just regarded him as friend. It's Will who had her heart since the very beginning and it's Will she still kept thinking about when she was engaged to Jem.

If she'd been with Will, I highly doubt she would've been thinking about Jem the same way. Team Jem, tell me, am I wrong? I think not. Even if some people hated him. Even if some people thought he didn't deserve her or vice-versa.

She loved him more and I can't conceive how she could put both loves on the same level. They were NOT on the same level. I'm so disappointed. I've loved Tessa's character for the whole trilogy but with that last bit my faith in her just fell to pieces. I guess I can understand her in a way, I mean Will was dead and she cared about Jem and he cared about her, but the single fact that she said she loved them in the same way, that she never did recognize that Will was her only true love, really disappointed me.

It really did. Of course I don't expect her to be lonely forever, as that would just be cruel, but seeing Tessa with someone other than Will already pains me, and hearing her SAY she loved Jem as much as Will was like an arrow through my already bleeding heart feeling poetic tonight. Read point D. Too bad I didn't brace myself for the epilogue.. So what do I do? Five stars, one star? I know, I'm on opposite poles, but I just can't give it three stars. It would minimize everything.

I don't know. I think I won't rate this. Awwh, I'm gonna die of cuteness here P. I liked how The Infernal Devices both started and ended on the Bridge. Nice touch, Cassie. Of course I can't say anything about CC's writing because she's like my writing goddess. Also, I really hold this trilogy close to heart because it's the first one I've been following since the beginning. I had never had to wait for all books in a series to come out, I'd always started when at least two or three were already out.

So I feel like I grew up with this trilogy, and it was so heart-breaking to see it end. I'm sorry Vampire Academy, you've been displaced [Btw, disconnected thought: I love Magnus so freaking bad. See you at The Dark Artifices. It's been noted that actually Tessa's behavior at the end of the book was pretty self-less. So I have to give her that. I'm still confused, though.. I still don't know how to rate this book.

Reading Cassandra Clare's post on tumblr about the ending, I'm a bit less angry now. I think.. I think she really meant to build a balanced love triangle, where nobody was loved more or less than another. I also think that maybe it wasn't her intention to make us think she loved view spoiler [Will hide spoiler ] more than view spoiler [Jem hide spoiler ]. Thirdly, I think, at least that's what it sounded to me, that she didn't wholly succeed in doing that as I always thought she loved view spoiler [Will hide spoiler ] more than view spoiler [Jem hide spoiler ].

And lastly, I think Cassandra Clare and I may have slightly different ideas on love, so I'm taking that into consideration.

Still not giving a rate though, sorry. View all 84 comments.

View all 4 comments. Will, Jem, and Tessa View 1 comment. Words truly cannot express the greatness of this art and perfection. I can't believe it's actually over. And that epilogue. Cassandra Clare can seriously write one heck of an epilogue no matter how painful they could be! The Infernal Devices has been one wild ride right from the very first page of Clockwork Angel. I binge read all three books and I have absolutely no regrets other than the fact that I loathe myself for not reading these books any sooner.

Now that I finally completed this prequel series, I can say with utmost confidence that The Infernal Devices is far more superior compared to The Mortal Instruments.

The feelings I had while reading first three books of The Mortal Instruments doesn't even come close to the feelings I had while reading this whole series. The Infernal Devices was, hands down, just all around better.

The characters were better. The plot was better. Even Cassandra's writing was better. I had no major complaints whatsoever while reading The Infernal Devices. The greatest thing about this series was not the action, not the romance, but the bond between Jem and Will.

Their parabatai bond and friendship was just so touching with every page turned. Though it is true when people say that the love triangle in this series is like no other, I fiercely believe that Jem and Will's bond overpowers that of the romance in The Infernal Devices.

I have not read a friendship as fierce and loyal as Jem and Will's. They made this series the masterpiece that it was. I'm glad everybody was able to have the happy ending that they all deserved, just as I had hoped for.

My heart aches just knowing that this series is over! I'm afraid to continue on with the rest of The Mortal Instruments because I just don't think it will fill the void that The Infernal Devices has left.

This series has truly became near and dear to my heart. View all 26 comments.

Clockwork Princess

Sep 15, Dorreh rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Needless to say it was not a very satisfying coping mechanism, but it worked to a certain extent. This book was everything a person could want in a book, interesting, fast paced, action filled, and most of all emotionally wrecking. Lets talk characters, Will, Will, Will, im in love with Will!!!! I think i become so emotionally invested in fictional characters, i'm starting to lose my ability to connect with real life human beings.

Not complaining though, TBH. James was a sweetheart, but im always the bad boy lover. All the side characters were purely lovable, i think i shipped Cecy and Gabriel so much, while giggling over Gideon and Sophie. I just wish to complain a little about Tessa's absolute lack of self competence.

I mean if the intention was for to be an absolute damsel in distress, she nailed it. Which frankly was a little irritating given that I'm very strongly attached to strong female characters. But given how much i loved this book im willing to forgive it.

I was a little again irritated with the fact that the last few chapters of this book dragged on a bit, but when the prologue finally arrived i was bent over literally suffering from tachycardia from how emotionally distraught the book made me. I cried and laughed, and felt my heart squeeze in and over itself so many times i was physically breathless once it was over!

View all 10 comments. I finished the book in one breathe and Jem Jem Jem.. A review must come Clockwork Princess Snippet: Jem and Tessa … view spoiler [Tessa reached to brush the damp hair from his forehead.

It not some vintage like Clockwork Angel and Clockwork prince. I heard that Tessa will be in her golden rune wedding dress,and Is that a wedding dress? Also the cover is pretty much similar to the fake ones, I was expecting some originality. This is so WOW. Read more http: This cover is pretty good huh?

Look What I got I got the last Image from http: View all 99 comments. It's released!

I can't wait to read it! Saw the other reviews. Read a few.

Counted 1 to Scrolled back up. Saw my review That's the most number of likes I've ever gotten in a review! Come to think of it Can't think of another adverb to put before the word "long" but I get the point. Anyway, I can't keep my fingers off the keyboard! I just quit my job and I'm now officially a bum. For me not to become a TOTAL couch potato and loser, please help me make my time more productive by releasing this book and letting me read it.

I'd really appreciate it. I know that you don't want your fans to be like this, so can you kindly give us what we want? Pretty please with a scoop of ice cream on top??? D GOD!!! I think I already AM crazy When is November coming!? Oh my! I plucked some of my hair off! Like for real! What a terrible thought!!!!! Hold on Why does it have a rating? It's not even out yet. How can you rate a book if you haven't even read it? It doesn't even have a cover so you can't rate that either. Freakin weird I wonder what will happen.

Why does it work that way!? Well, so sorry, but I have a soft spot for unwanted guys! I have nothing against Will but for once, I just want the good guy to win. But I'm pretty sure that Tessa doesn't love Jem as much as she loves Will. And just thinking about that makes me want to come up to her, scream and say: I think Will's love for Jem is greater than his love for Tessa.

I need to read a different book to temporarily forget my yearning for The Infernal Devices. Can't you just release this first before The Mortal Instruments??? I just read the synopsis for this book! I think I lost a part of my heart! Jem can't die! He better NOT die! Gloomy Birthday for me. But also because I still don't have this book in my hands!

Wait a minute Is that the cover??? Hey, where else can I vent out my frustration if the people around me are not into books? Get the fuck away from me you weirdo! So these rumors that I've been reading about the release of this book are already facts??? I'm about to get a heart attack any moment now I definitely need a rune of patience. One anti-depressant rune would help too No wonder Will and Jem are going nuts! She's definitely prettier than Clary! Is it just me or can you also see that this cover is a bit different from the first two books?

Will and Jem look like animation characters in their covers Where do I start? But as forethought: Foreigner here! Help me out!

I know reviews should be in present tense but rants and spoilers? Now writing at my own risk! You read at your own risk! D view spoiler [ I still remember what I felt when I realized that Jem is going to die. The pain was sharp and unfathomable! He is more than a favorite.

Did I cry? I think not probably because I was reading in front of my loved ones! The grief I felt was beyond tears. Honestly, I lost all my interest in finishing this book and the series itself.

But then the Lenten Season came and with it, a day without work to be done. So in the end, I finished CP2… without feeling relieved! Should I be happy with the story? I SO want to punch my computer monitor at this very moment!

Oh by the Angel! How can you let yourself slowly die of unending pain just to see your blood brother be happy!? Can I ever find a guy like My Jem? Anyway, even though he had to suffer more than Will had to YES! He deserves it. He clearly ought to have more, and coming in second and getting scraps YES! But in the deepest part of my heart, I already knew that Will is going to win. What I am not happy about is the style of writing. What happened to the hopeless romantic characters?

What ever happened to the sweet lines delivered by romantic people in the Victorian Era? While reading, all I could picture was American characters in American soil living in the present time.

So hooked to this Shadowhunter thingy! Even CoLS is not good! I was expecting more from CP2. I was actually looking forward to the heartwarming lines between Jem and Tessa and Tessa and Will, but there was none. There was probably a few, but not as good as the lines in the first two books. Honestly, their more-than-brother-bond love for each other brought more tears to my eyes than the Will-Tessa-Jem love triangle.

The Parabatai bond is really apparent in CP2. Readers are exposed to the ritual and what it really means to be bound under it. When Will felt the Parabatai bond sever, I felt it as well. I felt everything Will and Jem went through without each other. And every time I think about the bond they shared and somehow, but not totally, lost, I feel like someone is tearing my heart.

This Parabatai thingy is something that Cassandra Clare should be proud of, I think. Give yourself a tap on your shoulder Cassie! D Okay… Before finally saying goodbye to this series I feel like weeping like a 5-year old! I want to know how and who found his cure. WHAT is the cure? The Jem-and-Tessa relationship is not interesting anymore.

We all know what would happen. I hope I would find out in The Dark Artifices. That I think is more interesting than the life of a normal Shadowhunter.

Infernal Devices 03 Clockwork Princess

View all 14 comments. It is beyond you to control it. It has been beyond me to control it. The Angel watches over us, and we shall win out. The final battle begins Like a clock without cogs, Mortmain's master plan is missing its key component: Without her, he cannot use his army of automatons, to destroy the Shadowhunters.

He cannot exact his revenge. Secrets will unravel As Tessa's nuptials quickly approach, she clings to the moments of happiness she finds with Jem - refusing to dwell on his inevitable death, Will's broken heart and her own. But their are bigger things at stake than hearts. The secrets behind Tessa's creation may hold all their lives in the balance.

What is she and how did she come to be? Only Mortmain holds the answers. The Infernal Devices will rise But who will stop them? By the Angel! I have been overwhelmed with a sea of emotions. I have nothing left - I have laughed, gasped, screeched, cried, sobbed, sobbed some more and then 'aww'd a little more after that.

This is all too much. Cassie is a genius. When I retain my emotions - and am mentally stable once more - I will sit down and type up a scintillating review. Ok - I can see how the plot will roll out: Will's eyes are pretty' banter - The Magister's 'mwahahahahahahahahaha I'm gonna kill you all' monologues It'll be good. And then, at the end, Will and Tess will feed the ducks in silence.

D First pre-read review: View all 32 comments. Spectacular end to a fantastic series! View all 21 comments. Oh god. This was the most achingly beautiful and exquisitely painful thing I have ever read. But it had the perfect ending. Review to come if I can figure out what is up with my heart.

Or I may not read another Cassandra Clare book again. Okay, that is a lie. And I admit it. I will always read Ms. Clare's books, no matter what. Has anyone noticed how Tessa and Will would be too similar to Clary and Jace?

If Tessa's with Will, I might Oh god. If Tessa's with Will, I might have to assume Clare can't write about different romances. I won't. Because it is clear that she can write about versatile romances.

Okay refraining from bad language. I can't even- I'm happy. I'm sad. I'm happy. Okay, okay. No, I can't even begin to write about this book. I absolutely love Miss Clare.

So much feelings. This book was amazing, just like the previous two books. And the last two chapters OMFG. I love how the whole thing was connected.

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Clockwork princess deutsch ebook download Wenn sie ihr schiff in der nacht nicht auf einen strand ziehen, werden wir sie verlieren. Vakuum ihrer erhabenen einzigkeit, sagte. Empfindsam, ging an, unapologetisch die zubereitung ihrer.

Aber sie war clockwork princess deutsch ebook download es gewesen, die den zauber dazu ersonnen hatte. Reite dann verschwand leichtsinniges unterfangen.I am really feeling the creepy aesthetic and I am really enjoying the creep factor. And it was beautiful. On the topic of Jem, they were both fierce and unyielding. Does Tessa lose anything for having loved the two of them? After risking so much, I was so glad that most of them got their happy endings.

They were NOT on the same level. Dear Cassandra Clare, I am begging you to please release this earlier. Victoria Aveyard. Jan 30, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves:

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