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Just After Sunset by Stephen King - A stunning collection from international bestseller Stephen King that displays his phenomenally broad readership ( stories. Just After Sunset is the fifth collection of short stories by Stephen King. It was released in . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . Just After Sunset: Stories [Stephen King] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The classic short story collection from the #1 New York Times.

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Just After Sunset First edition cover. Retrieved Exclusive interview: MySpace Comic Books. Archived from the original Interview on Novels portal. Just After Sunset by Stephen King. Stephen King.

Just after sunset : stories

Bibliography Short fiction Unpublished and uncollected Awards and nominations. Heroes for Hope American Vampire Book Category.

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And as the dregs of sunset faded to bitter orange over the Wind River Range, David looked around the station and saw that Willa was gone. He went to find Lander, who liked her a bit.

Who called her spunky when Willa said Amtrak was full of shit for leaving them stranded like this. It smells like wet crackers in here! Helen Palmer shouted at him as David walked past.

She had found her way to the bench in the corner, as she always did, eventually. The Rhinehart woman was minding her for the time being, giving the husband a little break, and she gave David a smile. Have you seen Willa?

The Rhinehart woman shook her head, still smiling. We got fish for supper!

Just After Sunset: Stories

Palmer burst out furiously. A knuckle of blue veins beat in the hollow of her temple.

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A few people looked around. Hush, Helen, the Rhinehart woman said.

Stephen King Short Stories Online

Maybe her first name was Sally, but David thought he would have remembered a name like that; there were so few Sallys these days. Now the world belonged to the Ambers, Ashleys, and Tiffanys.

Willa was another endangered species, and just thinking that made his stomach sink down again. Like crackers!

Helen spat. Them dirty old crackers up to camp!

Henry Lander was sitting on a bench under the clock. He had his arm around his wife.

He glanced up and shook his head before David could ask. And he made a hitchhiking gesture. Had known even before counting heads, actually, and a snatch of some old book or poem about winter occurred to him: A cry of absence, absence in the heart.Scribner November Length: Your First Name.

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