Environmental engineering is the application of science and engineering principles This Lab manual was prepared with the help of “Standard Methods for the. (Block 4, Room Environmental Engineering Lab). Faculty: Prof. Arvind K. Always bring lab manual, calculator and lab note book. 3. All lab data will be. The Environmental Engineering Laboratory helps the student to understand This laboratory manual also contains the sample viva voce questions and sample .

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DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING. CHENNAI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. CEENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING LAB. Lab. Manual on Environmental Engineering (Water and Waste Water Engineering - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read. CE Environmental Engineering Lab Manual - Free download as Word Doc . doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Anna University.

Also Ca and Mg form a weak complex with the indicator Eriochrome black T, which has wine red color. During titration when all free hardness ions are complexed by Eriochrom black T indicator end point.

At higher pH i. Rinse burette, pipette, and flask, etc.

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Take 25 or 50 ml of well-mixed sample in a flask. Add ml buffer solution followed by 1 ml inhibitor.

Note down the volume of EDTA required. Take 25 ml of sample in a flask.

Note initial burette readings. Titrate with EDTA till pink colour changes to purple.

Note the final burette readings. Repeat the procedure for other sample s till concurrent readings are obtained.

Take ml of sample , add 1. Determination of chemical oxygen demand COD Determination of total residual chlorine Determination of chloride ion Subscribe to view the full document. Beaker ml 3.

Glass rod 4. Test tubes 5. Solutions of glacial acetic acid. Sodium acetate 3. Hydrochloric acid.

Determine the blank reading with the same procedure using distilled water. Tap water 1.

Distilled water 1. Thus at last end point comes brick red precipitate.

Presence of chlorides above the usual background concentration water source is also used as an indicator for pollution by domestic sewage. Before the development of bacteriological testing procedures, chemical tests for chloride and for nitrogen, in its various forms, served as the basis of detecting contamination of ground water by sewage. Chlorides are used to some extent as tracers in sanitary engineering practices.

Where brackish water has to be used for domestic purposes, the amount of chlorides present in the source is an important factor in determining the type of desalting apparatus to be used. The chloride determination is used to control pumping of ground water from locations where intrusion of sea water is a problem.

Env Engg Lab Manual (1).pdf - LAB MANUAL ENVIRONMENTAL...

THEORY Water that consumes considerable quantity of soap to produce lather and or produces scale in hot-water pipes, heater, boilers and utensils used for cooking is called hard water. Harness is caused by divalent metallic anions that are capable of reacting with soap to form precipitates with cations present in water to form scale.

When rain falls it takes up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and forms a weak acid and this percolates underground, it then dissolves calcium and magnesium forming hard water. IN general hard water originates in the areas where the topsoil is thick and limestone formations are present.Pour a measured portion 10 ml of the well-mixed sample into the dish and evaporate the contents by placing the dish on a steam bath.

Boric acid 3.

Lab. Manual on Environmental Engineering (Water and Waste Water Engineering

Tapan Kr. Ahmad Usman Tahir.

Cool solid samples to 4 oC and analyze as soon as possible. Lab Glassware 3. Phosphate buffer solution 2.

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