THEIR LOVE IS UNDENIABLE Happily married for four and a half years, Beau and Ethan Walker are ready for the next phase in their lives. Whether it was due to lack of funds, lack of desire, or one lame excuse after another, Rex Sharpe has managed to ignore the one and only. Kaleb - Nicole KB. Zane - Nicole KB. Travis - Nicole KB. Braydon - Nicole MB.

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New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards launched her professional writing career in July of Having been an avid reader all of her life and a. Read {PDF Epub} Download Office Intrigue by Nicole Edwards from the story Tough by charmainecatalano34 with 0 reads. game, project, real. Simple Way to . Read {PDF Epub} Download Intrigued Out of the Office by Nicole Edwards from the story Since by barridailey85 with 3 reads. type, father, them. Simple Way to.

I couldn't tell Gavin any of that. Not if I wanted to protect my relationship with him. Gavin loved his brother despite what a douchebag Adrian was.

Overnight Love

And since Gavin had warned me away from Adrian in the first place,,, Shit. Gavin's words echoed in my head.

Rock stars can't be tamed, Pres. And you ,,, you're too good for him, anyway.

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Yeah, well, looked like Gavin was right. Only I had no intention of telling him as much. Jake Manhattan, New York Untangling myself from the warm body curled around me in my bed, I groaned at the ringing of my cell phone from somewhere on the floor.

A soft feminine moan sounded from beside me, and I glanced over, remembering that I had an overnight guest, but unable to recall her name.

The bright red numbers causing electrical needles to stab into my brain showed 3: I dropped my head onto the pillow, willing my headache to ease up. No good came from a phone call at that time of the night ,,, morning ,,, whatever. The question was, who was calling me and what bad news were they about to relay? I was tempted to not answer. Shit, I was tempted to not bother looking at the phone at all, but I knew I had to.

Leaning over the edge of the bed, I fumbled around on the floor until I found my jeans, then managed to extract my cell phone from the pocket before peering at the screen. Upon seeing my sister's name, I crawled out of bed, snatched my boxers up off the floor, and slipped out of the room before hitting the talk button.

While yanking on my underwear, I answered groggily, my voice gruffer than I'd expected, my head throbbing from too much alcohol the night before. What's wrong?

Talk to me. I need you to come home.

Hard to Hold by Nicole Edwards

Everything Paige and I had talked about over the course of the last couple of weeks rushed through my mind, and I knew what she was about to tell me, and I wished in that moment she wouldn't say another word. I wanted to wake up, to realize that this was a dream, that it couldn't possibly be real.

Paige was upset enough; she didn't need me to get hysterical as well. But that one word-alive-struck me like a lightning bolt, drawing me up short. Please, please, please let this be a horrible dream.

Definitely not a dream. She,,, Oh, shit, Jake,,, She slit her wrists. David's," Paige said, sounding a little calmer. They said she lost a lot of blood, and she's stable now, but they've admitted her for observation.

She's under suicide watch. They think she might try it again.

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Not just for a visit. I,,, I can't do this,,, Not by myself. My sister and my niece were back in Texas, as was my mother, while I was seventeen hundred miles away, unable to do a damn thing to help them. And Paige wanted me to come home. For good.

I sighed, trying to figure out how that was going to work, how I was supposed to pick up and start over again. I'd been living here for five years, had built somewhat of a life for myself, and my career was off and running.

Going back to Texas now,,, Doesn't matter, the voice in my head said, drowning out the fierce throb in my temple. It didn't. Nothing mattered except getting home to help Paige and Abby. Family first. They were what was important. And I could write from anywhere. I had a good team. My publisher would take care of everything.

I knew that. The only thing I was obligated to do was write; the rest they would have to assist with.

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You still there? I'll come home. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article Keywords: Influenza, Influenza vaccine, Maternal vaccination, Pregnancy, Vaccine recommendation Background Pregnant women [ 1 , 2 ] and new-borns [ 3 — 5 ] are at increased risk of complications from influenza infection.

Immunisation with seasonal influenza vaccine during pregnancy is associated with lower incidence of influenza infection among pregnant women [ 6 — 10 ] and their new-borns up to six months of age [ 6 — 11 ]. In Singapore, influenza transmission occurs year-round, with two peaks of increased activity coinciding with the northern and southern hemisphere influenza seasons [ 12 ].

Since , Singaporean residents in influenza high-risk groups can claim for the influenza vaccine using Medisave, a mandatory medical savings scheme [ 13 ]. Pregnant women of all gestational stages are recommended to get vaccinated against influenza [ 14 , 15 ]. However, currently no data are available on influenza vaccine coverage among pregnant women.

Our secondary objective was to compare uptake levels of influenza vaccine with coverage levels of other vaccines in the same population, including the tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccine, which is also recommended to pregnant women in Singapore, as well as the Hepatitis A and B and meningococcal vaccines.

These two hospitals provide care for over a third of pregnancies in Singapore, and offer both public subsidised and private healthcare options. Sign in. I remember, sign in. Most of our books are stored in elastic clouds, and traffic is expensive. So we have a limit on the number of downloads. If you want to increase this limit, your can make a donation:.

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Title Page 3. Nicole Edwards Book list 4. Dedication 5. Dear Reader 6. Copyright 7. Chapter One 8. Chapter Two 9. Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Nicole Edwards - Inked on Paper epub.

Acknowledgments Spokeo is a leading people search directory for contact information and public records. I needed to send the woman in my bed home so I could clear my head and get my shit together.

You're my sister. But I couldn't do that.

Ryan C. Chapter Sixteen This particular the actual fact will area consequently a gander from ways to do in merely like way with images.

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