In The Magic, Rhonda Byrne reveals life-changing knowledge about the power of gratitude that was hidden within a two-thousand year old sacred text. Then, on. The Magic book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In 28 days, you can take a journey that will change your life. Long ago. The Magic (Secret (Rhonda Byrne)) [Rhonda Byrne] on *FREE* Start reading The Magic (The Secret Book 3) on your site in under a minute.

Magic Book By Rhonda Byrne

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Create Magic in YOUR life with these quotes from The Magic Book by famous authors, investors, inventors, sports people, business people, actors and. First of all I should tell you that 'the secret' is nothing new as also written in the book. Many successful people have used this law for centuries. The Magic is a self-help and spirituality book written by Rhonda Byrne. It is the third book in The Secret series. The book was released on March 6,

Choose three of your closest relationships and collect a photograph of each person. With the photo in front of you, write five things you are most grateful for about each person. Put them in a place where you will see them often. Place the piece of paper where you know you will see it often. On at least four occasions, read the words very slowly, and feel as grateful as you can for the precious gift of health.

Sit down and take a few minutes to think back through your childhood and all the things you received that were provided at no charge to you. As you recall each memory where money was paid for you, say and feel the magic words, thank you, with all your heart for each instance. Put the bill somewhere you will see it every day to remind you to continue to be grateful for the abundance of money you have been given in your life. While at work today, imagine you have an invisible manager following you around taking notes every time you find something to be grateful for.

Your job today is to look for as many things as you can to be grateful for. Choose one problem or negative situation in your life that you most want to resolve.

List ten things that you are grateful for about the negative situation. At the end of your list, write: thank you, thank you, thank you for the perfect resolution. If you notice yourself thinking or saying something negative, use the magic lifeline.

If you want you can sprinkle your food or drink with magic dust. Feel grateful for having the money to pay the bill, whether you have it or not.

Feel truly grateful that you had the money to pay the bill. Today, sprinkle magic dust on ten people who perform services you benefit from, by thanking them directly or otherwise by mentally acknowledging and thanking them. Feel grateful for the service they perform! When you wake up to the new day, before you do a single thing, say the magic words, thank you.

Find a quiet place alone some time during the day, and make a list of three people who made a difference in your life. List your top ten desires. B Who was the first person you told when you received your desire, how did you tell them? C What is the first great thing you did when you received your desire?

If you life, create a Magic Board. Cut out pictures and attach them to your magic board, and put it in a place you see often. In the morning, work your way in your mind through the plans you have for the day and evening until bedtime. With each plan or event, say the magic words, thank you, for it having gone well. Choose one, difficult, problematic, or broken relationship that you want to improve.

Recollect three separate times throughout your life when you felt on top of the world, and give since thanks for those times. Think about five functions of your body that are well, and one by one give thanks for each one. Choose one thing about your body or health you want to improve, and spend one minute visualizing yourself with the ideal state of your body or health.

Then give thanks for this ideal state. Hold your magic check in your hands and imagine downloading the specific think you want the money for. Feel as happy and grateful as you can that you have received it.

Put the magic check where you will see it often. On at least two occasions, take the check in your hands, picture yourself using the money for what you want and feel as grateful as though you were really doing it.

When you have received the money on your check, or if you receive the item you wanted to spend the money on, replace the check with a new amount for something else you want and repeat this practice.

Create a written list of the most important things or problems you need done or solved. Choose three of the most important things from your list,and one at a time, imagine that each thing has been done for you. Spend at least one minute on each thing, believing it is done, and feeling enormous gratitude in return. Take one hundred Magic Footsteps for about ninety seconds in gratitude any time during the day. With each footstep, say and feel the magic words, thank you.

If your mind wanders when you're imagining your wish, bring your focus back by saying the word 'candle. To avoid chaos, I devoted one day to each wish — on Monday, I'd visualize running; on Tuesday, a whopper orgasm, etc.

By Sunday, I'd nearly pulled a calf muscle on the treadmill, Steve and I barely had time for a quickie, let alone a session for the record books, and Maggie and I got into a huge fight about her messy room.

The Secret was a load! The Law of Attraction was a big pile of — wait!

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Stop right there. Negativity was my enemy. I searched my apartment for "secret shifters.

I bombarded myself with joy inducers. And got a killer headache.

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Week Two When I dropped Lucy off at school, another mom told me that she'd been trying interval training jog for three minutes, sprint for one to increase her stamina. I wondered, Do I have The Secret to thank for this? Then I read an article about how eating dark chocolate can boost libido. Not wanting to ignore these messages from the cosmos, I started interval training and ate a huge chocolate bar.

I failed to detect a seismic shift in my endurance or sexual response. But I was hopeful! My positive brain waves were out there! Or were they?

Can brain waves really attract good things the way a magnet picks up paper clips? The voltage generated by the brain is really small. It might take the combined voltage of 10, brains to run a watch. Kahn also told me that the Law of Attraction — which Byrne describes as an absolute — does not exist. According to the Law of Magnetism, a real law of physics, opposites attract. Or my friends and family.

I mentioned my secret life to a select few, and they openly mocked me.

After two weeks, I hadn't registered an iota of change in my sex life, my running, or my relationship with Maggie. I decided to let those wishes go, temporarily, and focus on just one — the luxury-suite upgrade. Over and over, I imagined the scene: At the hotel's reception desk, a chubby blond woman takes my name. Then her face lights up.

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After each daydream, I felt the joy viscerally and wrapped my loving mind around it. Surely my wish was in the bag. Week Three I moved on to tougher territory: my fights with Maggie. That way, "you'll get more out of them.

But in the spirit of The Secret, I cut back on nagging. And guess what happened? Maggie watched more TV and her room went from messy to pigsty. True, we fought less.

But all the cats and Simpsons reruns in the world couldn't trigger happiness when I dared to open her bedroom door.

The book told me, "Be grateful for what you already have, and you will attract more good things. This simple exercise consistently relaxed me and cut through my maternal annoyance. In this regard, science backs up The Secret. So I comforted myself by imagining the hotel upgrade. My San Francisco fantasies had gotten more elaborate: I still checked in with the imaginary clerk, but I spent most of the time daydreaming about my family on the streets of the city, laughing and exploring.

Week Four Twenty-one days and 13 hours into my experiment, jogging still wasn't any easier. Visualization hadn't helped, so I tried another technique: laughter. As The Secret tells me, it "releases negativity, and leads to miraculous cures.

During moments of frank pain, I guffawed appearing, I'm sure, more deranged than enlightened.

My pain didn't go away, but the laughter was a distraction, and I ran farther than usual. I guess that counted for something. The next day, we flew to San Francisco. When we arrived at the hotel, I practically ran to the registration desk.

I looked for the plump blond from my visualization, but saw only skinny men behind the counter. One took my name and said our room was ready. We went upstairs to our single room with two king-size beds. Lucy threw open a window. We had an amazing view of the bay and Alcatraz Island. Still, I sulked. Let's get out there and have fun!

I couldn't have wished for a better family trip. Then again, maybe I had wished for it. The bulk of my visualizations had been about a feeling of togetherness. Steve and I didn't get a romantic night in California, but, in a way, the intense family bonding made me feel closer to him, too.

The night we got home And the next day, Maggie finally cleaned her room. I asked why.

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She said, "It was disgusting! How did I let it go like that? You should have yelled at me.Its like my rock holds so many special moments within it now Day 7: The Magical Way Out of Negativity It was clear to me that I was going to love this practice as I focus on being positive and looking for the positive of good in every situation; even if they are not the best situations.

View 2 comments. Thanking what was out of my control helped me accept what was to come in the near future. Each time you look at yourself in a mirror today, say thank you, and mean it more than you ever have before. Welcome back. She Followed with the Secret book. If you have not received any information after contact with Star Track, please contact us to confirm that the address for delivery logged with us are correct. For international deliveries we will hold your order until we can send you all your items at once.

On at least two occasions in the day, take out your list, read through it, and feel as much gratitude as you can. When battling my ED, it was a huge challenge for me to live in the present and appreciate the moment I was in at any particular time.

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