This handbook contains information on how you can apply for the globally recognized, highly valued. PMP certification. This handbook applies. Project Management Institute (PMI) founded in PMI-RMP (PMI Risk Management Professional) Growth in PMP Certification. Time. PMP - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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Application Fees & Audit Process for Credential Renewal. PMI Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct. PMI Certification Application/Renewal Agreement. Foundation Guide for PMP®/CAPM® Certification Exam – PMBOK® 5th Edition PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have PMP Exam Prep, Sixth Edition-Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam.

This is to know whether you are following the course content. After you finish the course, using your PMP study plan , start your preparation. If you have finished one round of study of PMBoK or the study material provided by the training provider, you may give a shot on a practice test.

This typically should have the questions from the five process groups as per the PMP exam pattern. After the 35 contact hour training, test yourself by Knowledge Area. Then, analyze your results. Review why the option is correct and how to arrive at the option. If you got it wrong, understand the reason: is it because you were in a hurry to pick the answer, you did not understand the concept, or you did not remember it. Now, go back and revise the specific process or topic. Even if it is correct, make sure you are clear on why you chose the option.

Because you cannot afford to take pot shots in the exam. Keep track of your scores in each exam and apply Kaizen continuous improvement to raise the bar on the target score you want to achieve. You can also take the same test multiple times to see if you have overcome the mistake you did the previous time. I am still wondering what is the right order Course-books-exam, or books-course-exam.

Thanks for your comment. I took an online PMP course that helped me pass the exam in the first attempt. I would highly advise you to understand which method suits you most and go ahead.

Wish you PMP success! Much appreciated. I have just found your blog, and am following you on Twitter. I sincerely want to thank you for providing your experience, and knowledge. Edward can you guide me how to prepare for pmp 6th edition.

Iam planning to take the exam during June 4. So I wanted to ensure whether the prep time is good enough? As you have around 3 months which is pretty enough for your exam prep. Please read my lessons learned and exam prep resources first and let me know if you have any queries.

Hello Edward thank you for this amazing blog however I have a question as to how to meet the requirements. Do I have to do the experience form or can I just apply using the credits from the classes? I would really like to finish the application process. To be eligible for the PMP Exam, one would need 35 contact hours of PM education as well as enough working experience.

You may refer to the article here for details: I took the test and I passed! So I wanted to share with the community my preparation and results to hopefully help others gauge when they are ready. I felt like I was somewhat ready, until I started reading Rita. So I set out to read Rita. I am a slow reader, so it took months. I would read a chapter, then flipped through the Hot Topic Flashcards, and then take the quiz at the end of each section.

After I completed reading through Rita, I skimmed through the material again focusing on key points. I then typed up a list of the topics on the flashcards that I was still needing to memorize and created a study list. After each test, I went through all the problems and if I was not sure about why I got it wrong or right I added it to my study list. It got to be about 14 pages long, but every time I went through it I got better and better at remembering terms.

I was a little discouraged because I had gotten so low on the PM PrepCast exams, but done relatively well on the Lehmann tests.

This seems to be backwards of what is usually done. I ended up taking the test a couple days later and, although the questions did match up most closely with the PM PrepCast type of questions, I did much better on the actual test than what I did on the PM PrepCast exams.

I found that the PM PrepCast questions were almost trying to trick you, where the test was just asking an honest question.

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Edward, I really appreciate the resources you have put together here. I know that they helped me to pass the test! I reviewed and answered the best I could and then reviewed the questions I had marked for review until I had run out of time. Just a solid 4 hours at the computer. I only took the test the 1 time and passed — Thankfully.

If the contact hours were in a class room setting almost 3 years ago. Scope management plan 2. Requirements management plan. Project Charter 3. Expert Judgement 2. How traceability structure is defined. How configuration activities will be planned. By sitting down with all of the stakeholders for your project and working out what their needs are.

Project charter techniques 5. Scope 1. Interviews 1. Document analysis. Prototypes 9. PMP Requirements management plan 4.

Stakeholder 6. Requirements management plan 2.

PMI PMP Certification Exam Download, Sale Latest Release PMP Practice Exam Pdf

Focus groups Documentation 2. Context diagrams MBA. Stakeholder techniques management plan 5. Facilitated workshops 2. Group decision making 4. Benchmarking Ashraf Osman Requirements 3. Observations 8. Nominal group technique. Majority 2. Affinity diagram. Dictatorship 4. Plurality 3. Unanimity 1.

Step-by-step PMP Certification Guide 2019

To trace the collected 1. Non-Functional Requirements 4. Quality Requirements 5. Functional Requirements 3. Requirements documentation 4. Project charter 3. Project Scope Statement 2. Product analysis and product. Expert judgment detailed description of the project 2. Alternatives generation result boundaries by defining which 4.

Expert judgement 2. Decomposition 1. Project scope updates statement 3. EEF 5. Scope Baseline management plan 2. Project documents 2. Document outlines the project's deliverables and identify the constraints. Document that provides a detailed information about each element in It is used as a basis for the WBS measuring performance.

It ensures all requested changes are processed through the Perform Integrated Change Control process. Project management 1. Work performance plan information 2.

Requirements 2. Change requests documentation 1. Variance analysis 3. Project management 3. Requirements plan updates traceability matrix 4.

Project documents 4. Work performance updates data 5. OPA updates 5. The uncontrolled expansion of product or project scope without adjustments to time, cost, and resources is referred to as scope creep. It can be the fault of the PM or the Team. Performed internally by the Performed externally by project manager with the the client with the project quality management team manager.

Is usually performed at the Is performed at the end of end of the phase the project. COM I Linkedin: OPA 1. These activities provide a basis for estimating.

EEF 4. EEF 7. B doesn't start before A start Starts diagramming 3. The precedence dependent activity can 2. B doesn't start before A e. Most frequently used 02 1. Project work started method has four is finished SS Project Management e. The independent activity 1. The independent 2. Describes that the activity must start before independent activity must the dependent activity can finish before the start. This logical relationship e. MS They rely on articles.

Total Float Slack: PMP Linkedin: Also considers Cost of using. Cost of maintaining Cost of supporting the product. Expert judgment 1. Meetings 3. Cost management management plan 2. Analytical techniques plan 2. Three-point estimating 6. Expert judgment 2. Cost of quality 8. Scope baseline 4. Cost management plan 2. Vendor bid analysis Group decision-making techniques 1.

Risk register 6. Basis of estimates 3. Project schedule 5. Project management software 9.

Bottom-up estimating 5. Analogous estimating 3. Resource calendars reconciliation 7. Project funding 3.

Cost aggregation 1. Risk register 8. Project documents 5. Expert judgment requirements 4. Funding Limit updates 6. Scope baseline 2. Agreements 9. Historical relationships 3. Cost baseline 2. Basis of estimates 4. Reserve analysis 2. Cost management plan 1. Activity cost estimates 3. Forecasting 3. To-complete performance index TCPI. Performance reviews 5.

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Project management software 6. Reserve analysis. Change requests 4. Project management plan updates 5. Project documents updates 6. Cumulative and Current Cumulative and Current.

A negative variance means the A negative variance means the project is over-budget. Typical What do we currently When Variance will continue. ETC From now on. How much over or under budget VAC will the total project cost be?

For example. This diagrammatic representation illustrates a solution model to a given problem. In such cases the special causes fall outside the established control limits Control charts can be plotted for tracking Production failures.

You list all of the categories of the defects that you have identified and then write the possible causes of the defect you are analyzing from each category.

Fishbone diagrams help you see all of the possible causes in one place so you can think of how you might prevent the defect in the future. Survey Findings By: Delivery Times. Prevention costs: Includes The goal is to evaluate the will result in the best quality planning. Appraisal costs: Includes projects and to make Most often used on the inspections and testing.

Internal Failure Costs current project than the project D. External Failure Costs Is also used as a Is also used as a method to measurement against identify which variables industry standards. Training differences between two outcome B. It contains: OPA 8. In the Plan Human Resource Management process. This means you may need to negotiate for some of the resources. Plan Human Resource Management 1 plan out the staffing needs for your project. Networking required skills.

Human resource management plan. Project management plan 2. Organizational theory reporting 4. Expert judgment relationships.

What is Agile, PRINCE2 and Project Management?

Organization charts and position descriptions roles. Activity resource requirements 3. Project organization chart includes people or relationships that may not necessarily show up on a company organization chart. Consult - Inform. RAM who will do what? Responsibility Assignment Matrix. Recognition 4.

Salary 2. Responsibility 3. Opportunity 2.Measurable Project objectives and success criteria 3. It got to be about 14 pages long, but every time I went through it I got better and better at remembering terms.

Information management 1. Quality checklists 5. Flowcharting - Graphically represent processes and help identify quality problems and deal with them Quality audits — Quality audits include Identify lessons learned, audit processes, and confirm approved changes to improve performance Process analysis — Traces a process from beginning to end to identify root causes.

Work performance plan information 2. Checklist analysis 4. Business case 3.

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