Oracle Database Administrator's Guide, 10g Release 2 (). B . Oracle Database 10g Release 1 () New Features in the Administrator's Guide. 9. Chapter 2. Best practices for installing an Oracle Database 10g on Linux on. zSeries. Oracle Database Administrator's Reference for UNIX Systems, B and also the. Essential UNIX (and Linux) for the Oracle DBA 43 and Expert Oracle Database 10g Administration, both for Apress, as well as three OCP (You can download Chen's original proposal document as a PDF file.

Oracle Database 10g Linux Administration Pdf

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | Linux System Administration: Using LILO | The Oracle Database 10g Linux Administration: Deploy and Optimize Oracle. Oracle Database 10g R2 () is certified on SUSE Linux Enterprise Note: Information provided here will work for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 . routine database administration and performance tuning tasks. cle Database 10g Linux Administration is a valuable and easy-to-use resource. The book starts off with an introduction to both Linux and Oracle, including a.

In this case, do not specify a Host name in the eazyBI database connection parameters, just specify the TNS alias or a connection string in the Database name: When using a TNS alias then please ensure that oracle. Increase database max pool size Available from the eazyBI version 5.

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Each eazyBI processes, like displaying report results or performing the import, requires connection to the database. By default, eazyBI is allowed to use 20 concurrent connections to the database.

If you see errors in log files like ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError could not obtain a database connection.

The max pool size is currently 20; consider increasing it. Enter the corresponding license key and also organization name in case of eazybi. If there will be any issues with entered license name or key then you will see the corresponding error message.

In one eazyBI account, you can import one or several Jira projects, create reports, charts and dashboards and give access to selected Jira users and groups. If in your Jira server you have many different projects which are used by different user groups then most probably you will need to create several eazyBI accounts and in each account import related subset of Jira projects.

You will have to restart Jira to take this into action. For Java 11 this is enabled by default.

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Other potential cause can be port mapping using iptables which probably is mapping ports just for incoming connections and not for local connections. Please read more about the IIS error page configuration.

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Please provide these log files to eazyBI support. After eazyBI has started it will create own log files. I'm considering turning this into a Twiki, just waiting to do some research and get my linux server back online. Oracle now at See below for sample input and output files: committe. White Papers: these are various white papers I've collected over the years, none of which are mine.

I've done my best to take these only from public sources; If you are the author of one of these and have a copyright concern, email me and I'll remove it. High level RMAN overview of new 10g features.

Installation and setup

Less of a white paper than captured thoughts about the product. Applicable from 8i onward, though some information is dated based on its age. Written for 9i but applicable to 10g and beyond.

Still useful for 10g and beyond. If you're on 10g its a review of now experienced features of the database. How-to implement off-site backups with ASM disk group feature of 10g.

Applicable for 10g using ASM only. DBA Best Practices.These books provide background information for new users: A ppt presentation all about Materialized Views, what they are and how they work.

Database products licensed as open source are, by the legal terms of the Open Source Definition , free to distribute and free of royalty or other licensing fees. Starting from Jira version 8.

Enter the corresponding license key and also organization name in case of eazybi. The max pool size is currently 20; consider increasing it.

By default, the database is started for you after installation and every time your computer is restarted. A management level white paper discussing all of 10g's new features.

How-to implement off-site backups with ASM disk group feature of 10g.

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